PASS NCLEX: Nursing boards review course

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CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming graduation from nursing! Your hard work is about to pay off as you become a professional nurse. But you have one more hurdle to clear....the nursing boards. You've worked hard in school, so why leave passing the boards to chance? You have an opportunity to virtually guarantee your success in passing the boards-with the PASS NCLEX Nursing Boards Review.

PEDIATRIC CONCEPTS is pleased to offer the PASS NCLEX nursing boards review course. Pass NCLEX is the best, most effective way to prepare for the NCLEX. This research-based, comprehensive, four-day course covers ALL the information students need to know, in a proven format specifically designed to ensure a successful test-taking experience. PEDIATRIC CONCEPTS is now exclusively offering the course after obtaining a licensing aggreement with Mosby, Inc. to market, administrate, present and evaluate the course!

More than 90,000 graduate nurses have chosen PASS NCLEX because it's the most thorough and detailed course- and it gets the best results! The course focuses on both content and test-taking strategies, and offers all of the features nursing students said they wanted and needed in a review course.

Once you've completed PASS NCLEX, you'll walk into the NCLEX exam confident and prepared to succeed.  However, if you don't pass the exam on the first try, you don't need to panic!  Only PASS NCLEX offers two "next step" options.

Currently, the PASS NCLEX will be offered through co-op sites.  If you and your school are interested, please contact PEDIATRIC CONCEPTS either by phone/fax, mail, or e-mail.

Good luck and much success as you enter this exciting profession!

Yours in Nursing,

Stephen Jones, MS RNC PNP ET   
Katherine Jones, MS RN